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Gift Cards

gift card

For a unique gift idea Osborne and Rose offer gift cards. An ideal gift for someone who wishes to decorate or renovate their home. Providing them with an opportunity to work with a professional interior designer.

Services include:

  • Bespoke consultation in your home
  • Colour scheme, paint colours and finishes
  • Detailed floor and window measurements
  • Window treatments and upholstery
  • Lighting features
  • Sourcing of products, fittings and finishes
  • Access to a huge range of specialised and exclusive materials
  • Renovation and new build project management

Our gift card can be sent out for the amount and/or services you nominate.

We can arrange the gift card to be sent to you or directly to the intended recipient along with our consultation email to introduce ourselves and understand their scope of work.

For a gift that will enhance the value of ones home and can be enjoyed for years to come Osborne and Rose offer a boutique architectural interior design service.